Leslie Frierdich is the Head Design Coordinator and CEO of Renegade Stitch Co. She has been obsessed with fair labor practices and sustainability since before it was cool.

Combining her degree in entrepreneurship with her 20 years sewing experience, Leslie seeks to solve the problems brought on by fast fashion. Amongst her most recent projects is a Capsule Wardrobe guide to help declutter your closet and free up your mornings. She hopes to make it available Spring 2022.

“I am so happy to help my lovely customers not only find something that they love, but to eliminate the guilty feeling that comes from purchasing practically anything these days.” – Leslie

For some, putting an attractive outfit together can be difficult.

For others, finding clothing that meets their ethical standards is tough.

Doing both? Nearly impossible.

A cocktail dress made of organic materials is useless if it doesn’t make you feel sexy and handmade sweatpants quickly become garbage if they aren’t comfortable. Luckily for you, we believe that getting dressed should be easy (and non-triggering).

In 2012, Leslie founded Renegade Stitch Co. (originally called Leslie’s Lovelies) to suss out those pain points and find solutions. Putting together collections of outfits that meet her strict quality standards makes your morning routine easier.

Since then, she has earned multiple Bestseller Badges in her Etsy shop, made connections with suppliers who share her views in sustainability, and received rave reviews from customers.

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When Leslie isn’t at her sewing table, she enjoys signing up for half marathons (as an excuse to travel and explore the US) and watching cartoons with her kids.

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