Organic Neck Gaiter with Ear Loops


Please note that this is larger than the other neck gaiters because the organic cotton is not as stretchy. Never fear, the ear loops will keep it from slipping down if it is too loose.



Now you can still look like an outlaw while following the new social protocol. This paisley, western printed neck gaiter is great face covering for men with beards. The ear loops also make it a great mask for runners because it stays in place even while bobbing around.

It is made of an organic cotton, knit fabric so that it is breathable and stretchy. The elastic cording for the ear loops is a soft, stretchy nylon that wraps all the way around the top hem. That means that if it is a bit too big, you can pull more of the cord through and tie it tighter.

Please note the size of this neck gaiter. It is approx. 12 inches wide when laying flat. That means it is 24 inches around when NOT STRETCHED. This is slightly wider than most neck gaiters because the organic cotton is not as stretchy as polyester fibers. While that means that you will almost definitely need to use the ear loops to keep it up, it also means this is a great option for men with bushy beards.


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